Turning Your Most Magical Memories Into an Oil Painting

Turn photo into painting


Has the human race truly evolved? Can we be proud of the world we’ve created? 

More work, less family time. More social media, fewer memories made. 

Is it progress to be stuck to a screen, either working or documenting our lives – showing the world what we want them to see?  

Kudos to you if you’ve prioritised finding balance in this fast-paced world! 

Yes, life is hectic and extremely demanding – but we can slow down just a tad and take the time to appreciate each other. To live in the moment and cherish the great memories made. 


Romantic Couple Paintings


Couple painting


Just a couple of years back (200 or so) people really knew how to celebrate momentous occasions. Imagine you’re celebrating your 1st anniversary and you’re itching to capture the moment. Luckily you thought ahead and commissioned an artist to join you on your important date (awkward much?) and capture the beautiful moment in an authentic couple painting. A few years later and you’re still admiring the oil painting that earned a prime spot on the wall in your living room. 


The Digital Downfall 


Painting images


Fast forward to the 21st century and the selfies you took on your anniversary date is probably floating around somewhere in the clouds, between snapshots of your breakfast/lunch/dinner. Not that romantic, hey? 

Is there a middle ground between enjoying a romantic night – without Picasso breathing down your neck – and still commemorating your most magical memories?  

Photo album? Photo wall? Digital picture frame? Or perhaps a canvas print? All lovely ideas, but do they really carry the same prestige and nostalgia as a real oil painting?  


Artful memories: Transforming your photos in paintings 


Turn picture into painting


A new trend has poked its head out, combining the best of both worlds. Giving you the freedom of taking a thousand photos, choosing the most flattering one and then having a real artist create an oil painting. The best part? They can take even the most unflattering photo and turn it into a masterpiece – no filter needed! 


The gift that keeps on giving 


Pet portraits


If you’re stuck on purchasing a present for the person that has everything – a bespoke oil painting might be the perfect answer. 

Imagine surprising your friend or family member with an artwork of one of their favourite memories turned into an oil painting – or a custom pet portrait! Better wrap up a big box of tissues as well – thoughtful, nostalgic gifts tend to turn on the waterworks. 

How do you find that incredibly special photo memory of your family or friends? Social media does have its uses. Seeing that most of us share the photos that we are most proud of, it’s a good start to scour your intended recipient’s timeline and find that one gem worthy of turning into a masterful oil painting. 

Ready to honour your most magical moments? Head over to our “Get Started” page and enjoy the process of creating a timeless keepsake. 


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