The Gift that Last a Lifetime? An Oil Painting of course!

Hunting for the perfect present for a special friend or family member can be an exciting adventure. Or it can leave you filled with dread when you have NO idea where to start.

 You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more memorable and personal gift than a customised oil painting – and your lucky recipient is sure to appreciate the love and effort that went into selecting their personalised painting.  

A work of art as a present could be one of the longest-lasting presents – ever. Even handed down generations!  

Another fantastic part of gifting art? You really can’t go wrong, doesn’t matter the photo you choose – and the possibilities are literally endless!  

But with endless possibilities, you could end up with analysis paralysis.  

With the little checklist below, you’re well on your way to making a confident choice and ensuring your next gift is the gift that tops them all! 


Passions and Preferences 



Does your recipient spend every single second finding fun things to do with their family? Or are they surrounded by a home filled with furry friends of all shapes and sizes? Perhaps they’re an avid surfer or a garden lover? 

Take your time to brainstorm the theme of your present. It will help narrow down your search and make the rest of the picture-hunting process easier. 


Blending In 


white wall with photos of the family in various photo frames


Although you want to give an outstanding gift, you don’t want your gift to stand out like a sore thumb. 

Make a mental note of the type of decorations or art already displayed in your giftee’s home. Do they prefer a sleek minimalistic look or are they rocking an eclectic vibrant vibe? Are they proudly showing off abstract art or rather photos of recent travels?  

Use their specific style or favourite colours as clues to choosing a style of painting that complements their home. 


Size Selection 


Oil painting portrait


Depending on where you think your giftee will display their prized possession, select a size that fits their current lifestyle. You don’t want your special present ending up in the attic due to a lack of display space. 

A smaller canvas is ideal for apartments, it can even fit on their nightstand, mantel or a shelf!  


Occasions & Celebrations 



A personalised oil painting is a great gift no matter the occasion. Birthdays, Valentine’s day, Father or Mother’s day painting, for Christmas or even to celebrate a significant friendship! 

Keep your gift in line with the celebration. Celebrate a friendship with a painting of the two of you or a particular place that’s dear to you both. Bless your mom or dad with a portrait painting of your whole family and watch their face light up – and perhaps shed a tear or two! 


Inside Info 



If you’re still struggling to make your pick, you have other options to cement your hunch. 

Ask other friends or family members for ideas or scroll through your giftee’s social media accounts. Somewhere, somehow, something will pop up, and you’ll know you found the ideal gift! 

To appease the perfectionist in you that can’t bear to disappoint your giftee with anything but precisely what they want, ask them for their favourite photo…just leave out why you’re asking of course! 


The Final Choice



You’re not only limited to turning photo memories into bespoke paintings, but you could also surprise your giftee with a lovely landscape painting of their favourite spot, or even a picture of a place they’ve been hankering to visit – Paris anyone? 

We guarantee that a personalised oil painting will fill your lucky recipient with all the right feels and maybe – just maybe – be the best gift they’ve ever received. 

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